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3rd Floor,Liantai Building,
No.41-43 Huli Road,
Xiamen,P.R.China. 361012 
Tel:  0086-592-5186988
Fax: 0086-592-5186600 


About us
Company History Company Structure Product Lines Why Should You Do Business With Us
Company History Company Structure Product Lines Why Should You Do Business With Us
Company History

SINOMART INTERNATIONAL LTD. was founded in Hong Kong in 1993.
In the beginning Sinomart operated as a trading company and within a few years it opened the first factory in China. The company was very fortunate in quickly establishing solid relationships with important local trading companies and buying agents as well as with key importers all over the world.

Sinomart gained a reputation as a trusted and dependable manufacturing source where customers could bring their own artwork to be transformed into beautiful, sealable merchandise and today over 50% of the revenue source is from customer’s own designs.


In China the company is operated under the name of “Xiamen Sinomart Gifts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”, which was set up in 1997. Today several factories are part of the group administrated by the management of Sinomart, producing thousands of different items from a varied source of raw materials where the most important are resin and ceramics. We have items made with 100% wood or metal but we also combine various materials to achieve interesting and unusual looks.

Company Structure

Office Address: 
Unit B, 57/F., Tower 1, Monterey Cove, 2 Kin Tung Road, Phase 1, Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong.
Tel:  (852) 2180-7262
Fax: (852) 2180-7263
Email: hk@sinomart.net
Showroom Address:
Unit 8B, 13/F., Harbour Center Tower 1, 1 Hok Cheung Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel:  (852) 2180-7262
Fax: (852) 2180-7263
Email: hk@sinomart.net
Please note that this showroom is opened by appointment only.

Office Address:

3/F., Liantai Bldg., No. 41-43 Huli Road, Xiamen, P.R. China.
P.C.: 361012
Tel:  (86) 592-518-6988
Fax: (86) 592-518-6600
Email: xm@sinomart.net

Xiamen Sinomart Gifts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Factory Product Development & Showroom)

No. 21 Building, Huli Community, Industrial Centralized Zone, Tongan District,
Xiamen City, Fujian Province, P.R. China
P.C.: 361100
Tel:  (86) 592-739-7025
Fax: (86) 592-265-0815
Email: xm@sinomart.net

The company operates a main showroom in Xiamen is over 10,000sf and another one in Hong Kong is 4,000sf. 

We have a product development and design team which is second to none in the industry. Over 100 talented workers are employed in various specialties such as research, planning, drawing, painting, mold carving, etc. In addition, we employ several very talented design contractors from Europe, America and Canada.

Our merchandising and customer support staff is divided into several teams, each with its own manager responsible for the activities of the group.
This allows for everyone to focus on specific customers so that they can learn everything needed to deliver an outstanding service.

Besides the 2 main showrooms, the company also markets its products through the Jinhan Fair located in Guangzhou which runs at the same time as the Canton Fair and also with the help of independent sales agents located in the USA and Canada

Our main polyresin factory is in a new building measuring 140,000sf and has a capacity to handle approximately 350,000 units per month. Our 2nd polyresin factory has 80,000sf of manufacturing capacity and is capable of handling approximately 280,000 units per month. Our staff count for these 2 factories will vary depending on the time of year and production needs. Our ceramic factories are located in the Dehua area, a region famous for producing ceramics. 

Why Should You Do Business With Us

。 Sinomart is a well established company and it is financially stable.
。 We have built a great reputation for being dependable, producing great quality merchandise on time and standing
     behind our product.
。 Our customers trust us with their own design which is a very important part of our business.
。 We can create collections that are exclusive to each client and our designers are available to develop individual 
     programs for you.
。 We are a direct source vendor thus giving you the competitive price advantage that you need in today’s economy.


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